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History of Southsea Self Help Housing Co-operative


Fund Raising

Fund raising was important in the early days of the co-op. With little rental income from only a few houses, we simply weren’t accumulating much surplus, and were only providing about £65 decorating allowance per house. Early Jumble Sales were quite ineffectual, sometimes raising less than £5. This got better in ’83 & ’84… (£62, £40 & £43). These continued, off and on until about 1986.

On The Pier
On The Pier

We put on several fund raising gigs at the Crystal Rooms. One, in December ’82 was quite catastrophic. According to our first Newsletter, the band lost 2 drummers before splitting up, 20 people turned up before leaving early, The Bar had lost its deposit, and, of course the whole thing made a loss! A year earlier, we had much more success with a gig at the Mecca, in Arundel St. We had tried unsuccessfully to get THE CLASH, but settled for THE AU PAIRS, and a band from London called B.M.U.S. Publicity was better, and this raised several hundred pounds.

Meeting Underway Meeting Underway

Several years later, we held a ‘Soul Hits’ Disco, and a gig at South Parade Pier raised £170. Other innovations included a member cutting hair, for 50p each, and a sponsored Darts match, although I can’t remember how this worked.


For many years, the co-op had a Fund Raising Officer, and fund raising team. It was seen as a good way of involving members in the co-op, as were the Building / Maintenance, and Publicity / Education groups. The Officer and Team continued until March ’86 when it was phased out, and an agreement that future activities should continue on an ad-hoc basis, as and when needed.

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